Saturday, July 18, 2015


Before I begin my yoga practice, I sit atop my mat and dedicate my energy and strength to an intention that I set. Many times it is for the people I love, maybe someone who may need it a little bit more than I do that day. But other times, I just pick a mantra. Something to focus on when my mind starts to wander or my breath becomes erratic. Something to motivate me when I'm losing speed. Something to inspire me.

Lately, my mantra has become: Try.
Try something new. Try to make a difference. Try not to continue bad habits. Yeah, we've all heard it before. Sounds like a New Years resolution, doesn't it? And how well do those ever work out?
This sort of "try" that I am striving to cultivate within myself is the effort that I put forth towards these resolutions.  Really try. At first, it was just within my yoga practice that I was applying this to; pushing myself a little harder, attempting the bendy poses that I once believed I couldn't get myself in to. But I quickly realized that the reward I was getting from my yoga practice could easily be found in all aspects of my life.. if I would just try.

The job that I was ready to walk away from has become something that I am beginning to enjoy again. I'm not only pursuing my bachelors degree, but I am really excelling at it. That hill that I usually find an excuse to walk up is now something that I sprint to the top of. It doesn't matter what it is that I'm trying to accomplish, the result is always the same. Reward. Satisfaction. Pride. Happiness. All of which are things that seem to shine out of you, the kind of things that power you to keep trying.

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