Friday, July 3, 2015

The Sweet Life.

Life is funny, and magical, and romantic. It can be cruel. It can be ironic. But ultimately, it is special. There is something incredible to take note of, in fact, there are many. And they are all around you.
It is the song in your earbuds that makes your heart flutter to the familiar soundtrack of an old love. It is the warmth your black coffee brings both your throat and your soul. It is the low hanging clouds that support yet another outstanding sunrise. It is the dampened dirt and pine perfume that only an Arizona rain can stir up. They are everywhere.  You just need to stop and stare. Soak it up, unashamed of your greed. Because if it brings you even a glimmer of bliss, gobble it up and beg for seconds. Fill yourself to the brim and let it burst out of you. Life may be ironic and full of surprises, but it is also short and if you don't take advantage of what it's offering you, you're wasting it. I swear, whoever said "it's the little things..." had it all figured out.

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