Saturday, May 2, 2015

May, I See You Again.

It's May. The month I've long claimed to be my very own. The days are warm and stretch past nearly 8:30. These days are not just ordinary days.. Up until now the streets had not been lined with lush greenery or framed by cotton candy skies. The mornings were not kissed awake by the golden rays of a low hanging sun, sleepily stretching over Austin's skyline. And the evenings were not freckled with the soft glow of the lightning bug, dancing to dusk's quiet hum. It was just April back then.
Now that it's May, I take the long way home to soak in my surroundings. Through the little neighborhoods surrounding Zilker Park, where the mothers walk their babes to their last few days of school. Cruising up and down the hills of Stratford, lined with million dollar homes and their infinity pools. Zig zagging the one way streets of the bustling down town area, stopping at every stoplight to admire the short sleeves and sandals that pass in front of me. The chill of winter is far behind us, and the sun is here to stay.

Only 18 days stand between me and Bali. The tickets have been purchased (twice, actually) and the reservations have been made. I set out on my journey on the 20th of May, stopping for a short time in Australia. I'll arrive in Bali sometime during the night of the 22nd, with just enough time to set my bags down in my bungalow and kick up my feet before a driver arrives to shuttle me to my birthday gift. I'll arrive at the base of Mt. Batur at 4:00 am and climb to the summit to watch the sunrise on my 25th birthday. I'll descend only to be loaded back into the van and taken to a Balinese coffee plantation, where I'll bask in the beauty of my twenty-fifth year. I'll collapse in a heap of exhaustion before living out the next week of my life in Bali. I'll fill it with a plethora temples, and monkeys, and beaches before I'm forced to return to reality... if I decide to return at all.

So, hello May. I'm so glad to see you again.

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