Thursday, May 21, 2015

First stop, Australia.

After a three hour flight to Los Angeles and a fifteen hour flight to Australia, we landed in Melbourne this morning eager to get out of the airplane. After some baggage claim confusion, drug dog training, and a quick bus ride, we found ourselves exploring the city, being careful not to waste a lengthy layover. 
The first thing on our agenda? Breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. We had our fill of boxed meals and terrible coffee on the flight and rumor had it that Australia had a lot to offer in these departments. With some advice from a few locals, we headed to Degraves Street. 

Lined with coffee shops, boutiques and fashionistas, this little alley was easy to fall in love with. We ducked into a cafe and pulled up a stool to enjoy a well earned breakfast and to watch the hustle and bustle of a Friday morning in Melbourne.

Two orders of Eggs Halloumi and a Long Black.

Unfortunately we hadn't really planned or packed for the chilly Autumn weather but there was something kind of magical about hopping into a new time zone and another season. The leaves were falling in the idillic parks, the friendliest people were wrapped up in scarves, and the coffees we had purchased were just what our cold hands needed. 

We strolled along the Yarra River, road the trolley through the metropolitan area, and admired what we could through pairs of sleepy eyes in such short amount of time.

As we headed back towards the airport, we both vowed to return...when the weather was warmer.

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