Saturday, June 4, 2016


For nearly an entire month, I had lost myself. I was bumping around my world, aimlessly, giving only pieces of myself and my time to those who deserved much more. I felt like the weight of the world was wrapped around my shoulders and I found myself trudging through long days, out of breath. But when I said goodbye to twenty-five after waking up last Monday morning, I was faced with a new starting line. Although I kid about twenty-sixth chances, I truly felt anew. And chances were all around me.

This most recent weekend allowed me to celebrate the life of another. A life that has become very important to me. I found myself sitting beside him, with the windows down and my feet perched atop the dash, just smiling. My fingers found their way to the nape of his neck as the opposite hand hung out of the passenger window, surfing the breeze. Another chance.

When I'm feeling the way I felt, like the depths of my couch cushions are the only reasonable place to be, my mat goes untouched. Either left on the porch, collecting pollen, or curled up into itself next to the front door, begging to be taken out. My mat stood there as a pink beacon, calling me home. And when I finally crawled back onto that mat, I found refuge. I regained my strength, my movement, and my appreciation for my mind, my breath, and my body. Another chance.

In another attempt to utilize my ability to move and breathe, I took to the trail. This morning the trail nearly took that breath away. The recent storms have washed the leaves clean of any dust caused by tires and tennis shoes, revealing what I believe to be the greenest of greens. Few others were up as early as me this Saturday, so I had nearly the entire lake to myself. Standing at the trailhead, I filled my lungs with the fresh morning air and as I sighed, I felt my heart swell for my life here. Staying suddenly didn't feel so impossible anymore. Another chance.

Sometimes you don't get second chances (or twenty-sixth chances.) So when you're handed one, don't be foolish. Make the most of possibility. Take it and run.

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