Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's Not the Destination, but the Journey.

This phrase keeps making an appearance in my life. Or maybe it has always been there but is just now starting to resonate with me. I have found myself at the beginning of a new and incredible journey. I am not worried about where I am going because I have my nose buried inside of the roses that are lining my path. 

The literature that I have been studying for my yoga teacher training has restructured my mind, the discussions with my classmates have opened my heart, and the work that I've put into my practice has strengthened me both physically and emotionally.

I'm peeling off the layers of domestication. I'm forgiving myself for the years of abuse that I not only inflicted on myself but also accepted from others. I am letting go of all the extra weight that I've been carrying around with me. And it feels so good.

Beneath it all is the raw and wild inner me. The very best version of myself. I can go back to this untamed, unmolded, untouched version of myself. We can all go back! We can go back with an advantage. This time, instead of innocent, we will be wise. 

If you haven't read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, get your hands on a copy. And after you read it, tell me you're not already a few layers lighter.

I'm standing near the edge of something huge and I've decided to run towards it and dive into its vastness. 

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