Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dear Heart,

I am sorry that I did not treat you tenderly during the ups and downs that we have shared over the last few years. You have been through so much during that time and, without much help from me, you managed to survive and emerge hopeful and strong. I am in awe of the light that still shines in you after what you have experienced. 

I am pleased to see that you are nearly bursting with friendship, health, and avidity again. Splitting at the seams, in fact. I hardly recognize you, you've grown so much. The weather is starting to warm and Spring has always looked so good on you. I can only imagine what Summer will bring. Bali is just around the corner and I can feel you smile each time we pass by the blue pack sitting in the corner. Lovely things are on the horizon, and I'm so excited to watch you set out on all of your new adventures.

I look forward to packing you full of mischief, romance, and peace. I want to reward you for your bravery, your positivity, and the beauty you have managed to retain over the years. So here is to you, and to me, and to our new beginning.

Cheers, Dear Heart. 

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